• Took me much longer than necessary due to having overlooked a complete weekend of games which I only realized when I had finished the season…

  1. Teams updated today.

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  3. Hello Wolfgang,

    1957-58, the beginning of Jimmy Greaves’ career (all-time top scorer in top flight) and the end of top flight football for Arthur Rowley (all-time top scorer in English professional leagues, a trully outstanding feat).

    Let’s begin, games and goals
    Blackpool: there is a player named Kenneth (1/0) but no surname is indicated, i guess it is Kenneth Smith. Additionally When i add the goals scored, they are more than depicted in the final table!!
    Not. Forest:Ronald Farmer is missing from the roster.
    Bolton: Edisbury is missing from the roster.
    Leicester: Ian King and Ian McNeill have different first names in the roster, John Aitken and John Mckeand??

    Chelsea: Upon adding the appearances, i find them nine less than 462.
    Leeds: Upon adding the appearances, i find them five less than 462.
    Man Utd: Upon adding the appearances, i find them one less than 462.
    WBA: Two appearances are missing for the goalkeepers.

    Week 5: it’s Sunderland versus Aston Villa, not Shef Wed

    Interesting Facts:
    Shef Wed: They used 5 goalkeepers!

    Good old Man City. They scored more goals than any other club of the division and they had the second worst defense behind Leicester.
    Leicester, although 18th, scored more goals than any other team outside the top four!


    • Hi Tasos,

      I just finished 1958-59 and now I’m off to a one-week holiday tomorrow. I will deal with your research results for this season as well as the Belgian ones right after my holiday!


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