1. Hello Wolfgang,
    I have sent at 25 January some pdf docs concerning English League Cup.
    Have you seen them?


  2. No I haven’t seen it but now I have! I have overlooked it probably in all the spam mails which I wade through to clear the content, Thankfully your mail is still there so I will upload the information now. Many thanks, looks like another superb set of data!


  3. I have added it “English League Statistics”! Superb stuff again!

  4. Thanks Wolfgang.


  5. “Teams” have been amended.

  6. Thanks Wolfgang ! 1955-56 season ?

  7. Ok ! Wolfgang . Thanks

  8. Hello Wolfgang,

    Just minor comments this time:

    1. Aston Villa’s goalkeepers’appearances sum up to 43. Therefore one appearance is as an outfield player.

    2. Arsenal’s player is Peter Goring or Harry Goring?

    3. Everton’s player is Maurice Woods or Matthew Woods?

    4. Preston NE’ player is Joseph Marston or James Edwards Marston?



  9. Hi Tasos,

    1. actually Arthur Proudler – who I erroneously listed among the goalkeepers – is not a goalie but an outfield player!
    2. it is “Harry” Goring, but as I just now realize, his name actually is Peter, Harry is only his nickname! Oh my …. I will correct all that over the past seasons.
    3. It is the same here. His name actually is Maurice but his nickname is Matt …. (I checked using ENFA because these nicknames Harry/Peter and Matt/Maurice are quite unusual!)
    4. …. and again the same thing! His actual name is James Edward Marston but his nick is “Joe” ….

    Your eagle eye never fails! Thanks for digging out these nuggets!

    I will correct it all later!



  10. Teams have been updated.

  11. Teams have been updated today.

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