Welcome to Historical Football Lineups.

It is the aim of this website to offer the complete lineups and squads of

  • the English First Division from season 1949-50 to 1991-92,
  • the English Premier League from 1992-93 to 1998-99,
  • the English FA Cup from season 1969-70 to 1988-89,
  • the English Football League Divisions 2 to 4
  • the Italian Serie A from 1960-61 to 1998-99,
  • the German Bundesliga from 1963-64 to 1998-99,
  • the Spanish Primera Division from 1949-50 to 1998-99,
  • the Dutch Eredivisie from 1969-70 to 1998-99,
  • the Yugoslavian First Division Prva Liga (1978-79 to 1985-86),
  • the Austrian Staatsliga (1949-50 to 1988-89),
  • the Belgian Division 1 (1960-61 to 1988-89),
  • the Belgian Cup (1963-64 to 1988-89),
  • the French Première Division (1949-50 to 1988-89),
  • the Brazilian “Campeonato Paulista” (1953 to 1989)
  • the Argentinian “Liga Argentina de Fútbol” (1931 to 1989)
  • the “North American Soccer League” (NASL) (1967 to 1984)
  • the Mitropa Cup (1927 to 1940)
  • the German Oberliga (1946-47 to 1962-63)
  • the German Regionalliga (1965-66 to 1970-71) (only goalscorers)
  • the final round of the German Football Championship (1949 to 1963)
  • the German Cup (1935 to 1943 and 1953 to 1988)
  • the Scottish Football League (1969-70 to 1989-90)
  • the Scottish Cup (1969-70 to 1988-89)
  • the East German Oberliga (1962-63 to 1990-91)
  • the Italian Cup “Coppa Italia” (1960-61 to 1984-85)
  • various information on leagues without a full set of data available

This is a work in progress. Seasons will be added piece-by-piece until the project is completed.

Currently working on Belgium (Season 1974-75).

So far, the following seasons are available:

English First Division

1949-501950-511951-521952-531953-54 , 1954-55

1969-701970-711971-721972-73, 1973-741974-75,


1981-821982-83, 1983-841984-85

Italian Serie A

1960-61, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1963-64, 1964-65,

1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70

1970-71, 1971-72, 1972-73, 1973-74, 1974-75

German Bundesliga

1963-64, 1964-65, 1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68,


Belgian Division 1

1960-61, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1963-64, 1964-65,

1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70

1970-71, 1971-72, 1972-73, 1973-74 NEW

French Première Division


Liga Argentina de Fútbol


Brazilian “Campeonato Paulista”


Austrian Staatsliga


Yugoslavian Prva Liga

1978-79, 1979-80, 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83

1983-84, 1984-85, 1985-86 

Dutch Eredivisie


German Oberliga


1948 to 1963


1948 to 1963


1945 to 1963 


1952 to 1963

German Championship final round

1948 to 1963

German Regionalliga (only goalscorers)

1966 to 1971

 North American Soccer League (NASL) 

1967 to 1984

German Cup

1935 to 1988

Mitropa Cup

1927 to 1940

Scottish Football League (since 1975 “Premier Division”) 

1970 to 1989

Scottish Cup

1970 to 1989

The FA Cup

1970 to 1989

The Football League (Div. 2 to 4)

1974-75, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78, 1978-79 NEW

The Belgian Cup

1963-64 to 1988-89

Coppa Italia NEW

1960-61 to 1984-85


  1. Great website.
    For the italian championship look at this

    I have to ask just one thing: where did you find date of birth of Gianantonio Labella (goalkeeper of As Roma in 1960-61 e 1961-62)? It was very hard for me to find it…

  2. Hi Adriano,

    I found the date of birth of Labella in “Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio 1962”.

    Thank you very much for your comment, I will bookmark your website and follow the development.


  3. Hello,
    Could you specify information about line-ups of the former GDR championships in the period 1949-1991.
    Thanks in advance

  4. Well I won’t deal with GDR championship on my website because I have reservations about the nature of the championship due to regular and severe interference of high-ranking party officials in the outcome of games.

  5. @Rodolfo: all lineups are available at http://www.weltfussball.de

  6. Very great website …
    I’m interesting at the season 1987-88 (English First Division)
    …I have many memories of that year…
    when can I expect to find those lineups


  7. Hello Gianluca! Thank you very much for your kind words.

    Right now I am working on England 1981-82 and then England 1982-83. After that, I plan to work on Serie A 1969-70 and 1970-71. If I am fast, I might reach England 1987-88 in 1.5 years … but it is hard to predict.

    But you don’t have to wait that long because weltfussball.de has all the lineups of that season available!

    Here’s the link:


    By the way, 1987-88 is also one of my favorite seasons in English football, especially because of the truly outstanding Liverpool team of that season (John Barnes, Peter Beardsley, John Aldridge …).



    • Thanks Wolgang
      … for your fast reply …
      i like your site very much …
      thanks for your works !!!


    • If interested, I have the statistics (names of scorers + crowds) of the English league season 1888-1889 to 1892-1893

      • Bonjour Jean-Christophe,

        Je suis intéressé si tu me peux aider avec les statistics du football anglais. Moi aussi j’ai des donees sur le football anglais.


  8. Hello, when will you add Bundesliga 1990-99?
    Thank you!


  10. Bonjour à tous.
    Je recherche les statistiques complète (notamment le nos des buteurs) des matchs du championnat de France 1932/33

    • J’espère que tu as trouvé ce que tu cherches, sinon je peux répondre à ta demande. Du moins en grande partie. Pour 2 ou 3 clubs c’est un peu plus difficile

      • Merci à toi. J’ai trouvé un site qui me donne les renseignements que je cherchais. Je ne sais pas si tu le connais, il s’agit de Footballdatabase.eu.

        • Oui je connais ce site. Mais il est très incomplet pour les championnats d’avant-guerre et d’autre part toutes les stats, les années suivantes, ne sont pas accessibles. J’ai récupéré les compos de 1932-33 sur Playerhistory qui ne fonctionne plus vraiment (surtout sa base de données). Footballstats.fr est intéressant mais il ne s’occupe que de la D1à partir de 1948. Tu peux aussi visiter footnostalgie.com, si tu ne connais pas. Notamment la rubrique Memento. Ils ont aussi beaucoup de photos d’équipes. Par ailleurs ils ont pour projet de créer une base de données pour toutes les saisons de championnat, D1 et D2 au minimum, feuilles de matches et liste de joueurs par clubs avec les stats pour chacun d’eux. C’est une affaire de quelques semaines ou de quelques mois. Visite aussi les sites de fans de clubs, tel que OMpassion et OMforever ou asse-stats, il y a des choses intéressantes

          • Je te remercie pour toutes ces infos. Je suis inscrit à Footnostalgie.com. C’est vrai que c’est pas évident de trouver des infos sur des matchs de D1 avant guerre, notamment pour certains clubs (Hyeres, Excelsior Roubaix, club Français etc…) Alors je ne parle même pas de la D2…
            Pour le championnat de France, il n’y a pas de site avec toutes les stats comme pour le championnat italien ( Calcio-serieA.net) ou Espagnol (bdfutball.com). C’est rageant!

  11. seek the complete statistics (including our scorers) of France championship games from 1932 to 1933

  12. Belgian Division 1962/63 ?

  13. Hi Davide, thanks for your nice words! Unfortunately the Yugoslavian source which I use does not list the referees!

  14. Mirko, uploaded in the Yugoslavia section (1979-80 to 1981-82)

  15. hi wolfgang ,
    of which the league works now?

  16. Hi Mirko, I work on England 1953-54.


  17. The League Cup please….


  19. This is site for history and stats of Yugoslavian football
    There are tables of first to lower leagues, full statistics of First league 1923-1940 and 1945-1992 with full lineups and profiles of all players that played in and many many things…

  20. This is for example first season, you have also translate box in top of page, and the lineups are on bottom after games, table, list of goalscorers (first 5) and than lineups by teams like they are placed in league. You can click on every player with popup window with their profile:

    • Thank you very much! This will be a fanstastic site once it is finished. I will add it to my links section when all is finished. Great project!

  21. I know that site …. but it seems to me is stopped to 1951 …..

  22. Este site possui fichas da liga da Romênia.

    • They know! but there are no appearances and goals! 🙁

      • Unfortunately, only referees have been added, and some scorers for the larger clubs (I think).

        • you think of it …. more complete romaniansoccer! but you have statistics for shamrock Penarol coloraine and Danish national teams?

          • Unfortunately, nothing specific about Irish, Uruguayan and Danish leagues except for recent years (Superligaen is available since 1991, when it turned professional). For national teams, eu-football.info is a definite resource for Europe.

  23. hallo wolfgang , riesci a inserire i minuti dei goals english first division anni 1970 ? cordiali saluti

    • Hallo Ruggero. I think you mean whether I can add the goal minutes for the English First Division in the 1970s? Not yet … maybe some day! But the information has yet to be found. Kind regards

      • The Times and other newspapers started to print goal minutes in the early 1980s. Not always for midweek matches though. Some annuals (not Rothmans) and magazines also have this. For earlier years, there’s no remedy but reading through the reports (where available) or turning to club histories.

  24. Hallo a tutti , sul sito http://www.bounder.friardale.co.uk si clicca su REPORT , ci sono parecchi risultati con minuti dei goals first division dal 1967 al 77 ,
    Voglio segnalare il sito http://www.mackolik.com , tutti i lineups campionato TURCHIA , http://www.austriasoccer.at , lineups campionato AUSTRIA , cordiali saluti

    • Thank you very much for these excellent links! The first one really surprised me as it indeed as goal minutes for First Division games prior to 1979. A superb find!

  25. NEWS: acquired a number of Dutch Football Yearbooks with full lineup information of the period between 1980 and 1994 (not all years, though). I plan to upload the relevant information from these books in the future.

  26. hi, Have any of you appearances and goals of dukla praha 1960-1964? and jednota trencin 1964-1969?thanks

  27. http://www.goleamos.com know? great site on the Argentine soccer 😀

  28. Thanks, spidering the entire site to disk right now (just in case).

  29. EXCELLENT! Worldfootball but we are all in 1978!

  30. Hi do you Know book penarol el mas grande? Thanks

  31. league cup please

  32. hello is there anyone who has appearances and goals of anderlecht 1959-1960? thanks

  33. Have you news penarol?

  34. you have the statistics of gremio and athletic mineiro only municipal championships! gaucho and mineiro ! thanks

  35. Here’s an example of full Eredivisie Lineups on “elf voetbal” site:


  36. those who know this site? soccerbase.gr

  37. http://hrnogomet.com great website about Croatian football statistics. Full lineups for all matches about croatian league (all seasons) and National team

  38. http://hrnogomet.com great website about Croatian football statistics. Full lineups for all matches about croatian league (all seasons) and National team

  39. bad notice! full lineups of eredivisie on ELVvoetbal removed again! Also on chinese version 🙁 🙁

    • Not a problem, season 1976-77 and later have been completed on Weltfussball (the project might be continued after the summer break) and earlier years can be obtained from the many Dutch newspapers digitized.

      • i have the details for the dutch league 1970/71 and 1971/72, match lineups as well as appearences/goals.

          • https://s31.postimg.org/4xnlgyohn/holland.png

            i pulled all the information into an excel sheet, i have posted an example of the image above, it shows the team lineup for the game, the goalscorers, minutes of goal attendance and referee.

            unfortunately its not complete, im missing about 5 games that dont have full info of goal minutes, but other than that its fairly comprehensive, if you want i can send you the excel file.

            im trying to pull together squad appearences/goals for the year 1970/71, ive completed spain, france, england, italy, west germany, east germany, poland, yugoslavia, scotland, russia, portugal, greece, austria, sweden

            belgium and czechoslovakia ive been unable to get appearences/goals, i only have the squads, denmark i have some teams not all, im currently pulling hungary and swiss appearences/goals,

            if you need later dutch lineups let me know i can give you what i have

          • Hi Mark, I am currently on holidays, I will have a look in about 2-3 weeks! Cheers for the info!

  40. HELLO ! I try appearances and goals of union st Gilloise 1959-1960! who can help me?thanks

  41. HELLO WOLFGANG, when you plan to enter the Austrian staaliga 1954-1965? thanks

    • Well I do not have an exact timeline about future additions so I can’t give you a concrete answer but maybe I will continue with Austria sometime next year.

  42. For some reason I can’t reply to mark anderson’s comment in the proper thread, but there is a problem with the PNG file he posted (it looks truncated).

    In addition to the countries he mentioned, 1970/71 lineups are also available for Turkey at mackolik.com and its clones.

  43. Hi,i search caps and goals PSV 1954-55 and 1955-56….elvoetbal is closed….:( ! can you help me? thanks

  44. Can you upload DDR championship 1972-1973 (pages 138-139)? There is a missing part of the season 1972-1973 for DDR.

    And may I ask you when you are going to upload the rest of DDR (1981-1991) too?

    This is really superb you are doing on DDR football leagues. Many thanks for your help !

  45. And there are 2 excellent websites for the Brazilian and Argentine Football league lineups.


    (available from Opening of 2000 season up to now)


    (available from 2012 season)

    • For Argentine, see http://www.goleamos.com above – all league lineups since 1931.

      For Brasil, futpedia.globo.com has all Serie A lineups, I think (since 1971), but it’s less useful because of dozens of players with the same nickname.

    • The best Brazilian site I’ve found is this one… the navigation is hard to figure out but it’s got a wealth of lineup data for Brasileiro back to 71 and various cups:


      And this site has a huge amount of historical lineups for Brazil, too (including State championships like Paulista and Carioca):


      • blog I know him! the other many thanks

        • That conteudoesportivo site isn’t working ATM, bad luck.

          • Some navigation doesn’t work, but it could also be that certain browsers don’t work either.

            If you want to see 1980 Brasileiro, go to “Campeonatos, Nacionais, Brasileiro 1A.

            It should open up a new row of menus. Pick Outros Anos and choose 1980

            Participantes – Clubes will show you the teams from that year; pick a team and click Gols, and it will show you players/appearances/goals.

            If you want to see game-by-game lineups, pick a team and click Ficha, then choose Jogos/Por Ano or Por Ano/Camp.

            Hope that helps!

            Unfortunately they don’t have full stats for the State Championships, but you can find fichas tecnicas for most of those tournaments on the other site I mentioned.

          • I meant, the site was completely down yesterday, and still does not work fully now. Keeps throwing database errors at me with Firefox, so we just have to wait.

  46. Many Thanks, silvermane. It is really great helpful for me in collecting the Argentine league lineups. Besides of Argentina, can you tell me where I can find the league lineups for the rest of South American countries (except Brazil)?

  47. hi, i search caps and goals for Dinamo Bucarest 56-60 only diviza A ! the site labtof.ro does not contain these data ….. I wrote to the admin area …….can you help me? thanks

  48. HI, i search caps and goals for standard liegi from 1954 to 1959 ! can you help me? thanks

  49. for example 027-005-1956 union s.t. – standard …..

  50. http://www.bsdb.be/kalenders.asp belgian soccer database with full lineups since 1988-89 season….

  51. Hi while working upon the eredivise 1970/71, i have come across an error for the yugoslav listings for that same season.
    there is a listing for Milan Stanic playing for Vojvodina in that season, playing 15 games and scoring 3 goals, yet he played 31 games for Telstar that season, so how did he manage to play in both places at once??

    is it possible that this is a different Stanic? although the Vojvodina site shows it as being Milan Stanic as well, i did note however the season prior he played only two games, for Vojvodina, just before his move to Telstar.

    he is officially listed in Dutch newspapers as playing for Telstar in the 1st game of season for Telstar, so i fail to see how he managed to play for Vojvodina the same season.

    • The DOS-Telstar game story in the bottom left corner of this page at least proves that they’re the same player… It’s from January 1970.


      • he appears to have played for telstar in the latter half of the 69-70 season which would explain his lack of vojvodina appearences in 69/70
        i also found this image on a telstar fan page which says he joined in 69 as well, so im inclined to think the stanic in the yugoslav records is not him, its been an assumption, that it was still Milan playing at Vojvodina, only problem is i cant find any other recordsof a stanic playing in yugoslav league about that time


        • 17 december 1969 | Leidse Courant | pagina 14
          eredivisievereniging Telstar heeft de 26-jarige Joego-Slaaf Stanic ge contracteerd, die enige jaren uitkwam voor Vojvodina. Hij ging een verbinte nis voor anderhalf jaar aan. … Ook een Joego-Slaaf voor Telstar. Het is de 27-jarige Milan Stanic die, evenals alle andere getransferreerde spelers, zondag zal debuteren. Dat gebeurt in de thuiswedstrijd tegen Holland Sport.

          In English it basically says that Telstar have signed Stanic to a contract, he played for Vojvodina for several years and that he will make his debut v Holland Sport,

          so it dispels any theory that Stanic played for Vojvodina in 1970/71, another interesting thin g i noticed was Stanic didnt play 1 game for Vojvodina during the 68/69 season, rather curious for a player who had played 35 games for the club over the last two season, and then he played 2 games for them in 69/70 up till December obviously, so was he injured for that whole period? or was the 15/3 entry supposed to be for the 68/69 season?

  52. hi, there is a site with appearances and goals for Vojvodina? If so, which one? thanks

  53. what is it your after for zeljeznicar and velez? if it is just appearences and goals for the teams then i can give you that for the period of 1970-1980. (still working on 81-90).

  54. velez mostar 64-69

    1964/1965 (D.Filipović)g: žarko Barbarić (13/0). Fadil Dugalić (12/0), Esad Dugalić (4/0)o: Kemal šestić (21/7), Vlado Slišković (21/0), Mehmed Handžić (21/0), Jovan Račić (20/0), Franjo Džidić (15/4), Nikola Benco (14/0), Slobodan Primorac (10/1), Zdravko Rodin (8/0), Bruno Repar (4/0), šefik Alajbegović (1/0), Muhamed Demirović (1/0), Marko Pehar (1/0)n: Miroslav Kordić (27/5), Muhamed Glavović (23/4), Zejnil Selimotić (23/3), Omer Oručević (17/0), Milorad Lazović (15/6), Ivan Popović (15/3), Muhamed Mujić (14/1), Kruno Radiljević (11/0), željko Barbarić (10/2), Ahmet Glavović (1/1), Mladen Mikulić (1/0), Salem Halilhodžić (1/0)

    1965/1966 (D.Kapetanović)g: Alfonz Horvatić (23/0), Fadil Dugalić (6/0), Esad Dugalić (1/0)o: Zejnil Selimotić (30/3), Nikola Benco (29/2), Jovan Račić (27/0), Slobodan Primorac (26/2), Franjo Džidić (15/1), Mehmed Handžić (14/0), Ahmet Glavović (5/0), Zdravko Rodin (4/0), Faruk Džafić (4/0)n: Kemal šestić (28/15), Muhamed Glavović (28/3), Omer Oručević (25/4), Muhamed Mujić (24/7), Nusret Čerkić (23/7), Miroslav Kordić (21/2), željko Barbarić (4/0), Salem Halilhodžić (3/1), Borislav Sedlarik (2/0)

    1966/1967 (M.Kokotović) g: Alfonz Horvatić (29/0), Esad Dugalić (1/0)o: Slobodan Primorac (29/0), Zejnil Selimotić (28/0), Franjo Džidić (26/1), Mehmed Karamehmedović (23/2), Kemal šestić (21/5), Faruk Džafić (19/0), Nikola Benco (14/2), šefik Alajbegović (14/0), Ahmet Glavović (8/0), Tomislav Novak (3/1)n: Muhamed Glavović (27/10), Milorad Lazović (27/7), Omer Oručević (26/1), Miroslav Kordić (11/0), Salem Halilhodžić (10/3), Dušan Bajević (10/1), Nusret Čerkić (8/0), željko Barbarić (6/0), Muhamed Mujić (5/0), Borislav Sedlarik (1/0)

    1967/1968 (M.Kokotović; H.Hrvić) g: Alfonz Horvatić (27/2), Enver Marić (8/0)o: Mehmed Karamehmedović (30/0), Slobodan Primorac (28/0), šefik Alajbegović (27/0), Kemal šestić (24/4), Zejnil Selimotić (24/0), Ivo Prskalo (10/0), Nikola Benco (4/0), Muhamed Demirović (2/0), Faruk Džafić (1/0)n: Miroslav Kordić (30/3), Dušan Bajević (29/12), Muhamed Glavović (23/3), Salem Halilhodžić (22/2), Omer Oručević (22/2), Franjo Džidić (11/1), Muhamed Mujić (8/0), Nusret Čerkić (6/1), Ahmet Glavović (6/0), Jadranko Topić (4/1), Omer Kapić (2/1), Borislav Sedlarik (2/0), željko Barbarić (1/0)

    1968/1969 (S.Rebac)g: Enver Marić (25/0), Slobodan Mrgan (11/0)o: Kemal šestić (33/4), Mehmed Karamehmedović (33/0), Ivo Prskalo (32/0), Ahmet Glavović (22/0), Nikola Benco (19/0), šefik Alajbegović (17/0), Marko Čolić (17/0), Slobodan Primorac (10/0), Tomislav Novak (5/0), Vladimir Pecelj (4/0), Muhamed Demirović (2/0)n: Dušan Bajević (34/18), Omer Oručević (34/1), Salem Halilhodžić (30/7), Miroslav Kordić (28/4), Jadranko Topić (21/2), Mirko Ćorluka (17/1), Franjo Vladić (8/2), Muhamed Glavović (5/1)

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